Grace Filled Marriage

grace filled marriage“Marriage has a way about it. There’s a best-of-times, worst-of-times feel to the relationship that follows a couple from their wedding day through their life together. It’s a holy tension that goes with trying to make a team out of two people who seem similar going in but who are often quite different.” ~ Tim Kimmel, Grace Filled Marriage

Whether you are newly married or have enjoyed quite a few years together there is one indispensable characteristic your marriage needs: grace.  In his book, Grace Filled Marriage, Dr. Tim Kimmel says, “If love is all you’re depending on in your marriage, you’re going to run out of ideas and resolve sooner and more often than you’d prefer.” To truly understand how to make marriage work, we need to understand grace. The grace we desperately need in our individual lives and the grace our spouse so longs to receive from us.

Often times in our marriages it’s not our commitment that wanes or our love that dries up but the inconsistent application of grace to the many situations we encounter.  Kimmel says of this, “Grace is the equilibrium we apply to all conditions and challenges that allow our marital love to improve with age. Grace is the plus sign to counter all the negatives inherent in a partnership. Grace is the vintage agent to a covenant love that otherwise becomes flat. Grace is the dealmaker in a ’till death do us part’ commitment.” Want a stronger marriage, a marriage that grows better with age? Grace.  Understand it, receive it and freely give it.

Tim and his wife Darcy have written a book that’s a great mixture of encouragement, humor, real life examples and practical advice on marriage and everything that goes with it.  Marriage really does have a way about it and rather than depending on our feelings or emotions to drive us, this book sheds light on how it is God’s grace in our individual lives that has the ability to transform our marriages.

Your marriage will be tested and tried. You will encounter feelings that fade, temptations that persist and failures both big and small. Recognize this, “You may not have realized how much you needed God’s grace going in, but the more you live and the more your love is tested, the more you know how desperately the two of you require his tender strengthening touch.” Your marriage needs grace and this book can help give you “The Missing Piece. The Place to Start.”

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