And so they remained side by side…

Justin: “Is this ice cream in the fridge?” (laughing)

Megan: “Why yes my love, it is.” (shaking my head)

That’s just a glimpse into how we’ve been living life over the past 6 weeks.  Our schedule has been so busy and hectic that putting ice cream in the fridge is just par for the course lately.  We’ve been quiet here because, well, we’ve had lots of things going on in life.  That’s why today I’m drawing a marriage analogy from a book I read our children before bed last night. (If that’s not calling it in I don’t know what is!)

The book was about a chameleon who wanted a color of his own. No matter what he tried he could find no solace as his color always changed.  Then one day he met another chameleon. They decided that as long as they stayed together they would always be alike.

“And so they remained side by side. They were green together and purple and yellow and red with white polka dots.”  A Color of His Own by Leo Lionni

Life is real. At times it’s full of hardships, struggles and pain. Sometimes the real of life slaps you in the face and almost knocks the wind out of you.  It’s for this reason God has given the gift of marriage.  In His infinite wisdom He knew that two are better than one (Ecclesiastes 4:9-12).  Justin and I both believe we are better together than we are alone and that in order to walk in strength in the world we have to do it side by side.  We turn green together, yellow together, red together. That’s marriage, turning to one another during the good, the bad and everything in between.  Thanks for reading and sticking with us during our absence.  We hope to be back to posting regularly very soon.


3 thoughts on “And so they remained side by side…

  1. In a few years, you will be able to joke about the ice cream in the fridge as a reminder of getting through this time. When our children were little, my husband moved to another state while I spent a summer being a single parent and trying to get our house ready to sell, all alone. It was a very stressful time. One day, the kids and I were looking all over for the remote control for the TV in the basement. We found it upstairs, in the freezer, right on top of the Neapolitan ice cream. Now, twelve years later, if I’m acting a bit stressed, the kids will ask me if I’m having a “remote control in the freezer” kind of day. It makes us all laugh and helps the stress just a bit.

    Hang in there. A season is just a season; it is not the whole of your life.

  2. I really liked this post today. I don’t like how crazy it’s been there and busy, because I can totally relate and it’s not very fun, but I like how real you are in this and that it’s not only in my house this way. Through it all, green or red, or blue…you guys are side by side, which I’m sure you (or I in my marriage) wouldn’t change a bit!!

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