Compartmentalization: Spirituality vs. Sexuality

People have thoughts about God.  People have thoughts about sex. Unfortunately, many people don’t ever consider thinking about God and sex in the same context.  Many hold the view that there is nothing Godly about sex or that God even cares.  This simply is not true.  God desires to be part of every aspect of our lives and the physical union a husband and wife share is of the utmost importance to him.  God has blessed physical union in marriage.  There is no separation between the body and the soul, the spiritual and the sexual.  God made us sexual beings with passions and desires but He also made us spiritual beings.

The danger in separating our sexual desires and our spiritual aspirations is that we begin to live compartmentalized lives, in one compartment are spiritual aspirations and in another are secular aspirations.  God desires that every part of our life (yes that includes our sex life) glorifies and honors Him and He does not want us to compartmentalize our lives.

We would like to explore this idea a bit more through a few more posts on the subject but would love to hear your thoughts on the subject.  Please comment and let us know your thoughts and opinions on why people tend to compartmentalize their lives.

Here are a few questions to provide some food for thought:

  1. In what ways do you tend to separate your spirituality from your sexuality?  What circumstances or attitudes have contributed to this thinking?
  2. Romans 11:36 – “For everything comes from him and exists by his power and is intended for his glory.” (emphasis ours)  Do you believe sex is included in this “everything”?  Explain why.
  3. God has given the gift of sexual intimacy to married couples as a picture of our spiritual intimacy with Christ.  Read Eph. 5:31-32.  How do these verses influence your perspective on intimacy?

“God is not covering his eyes in embarrassment nor is he aghast at his creation’s activity during sexual intercourse.  He created the whole idea and is actually smiling because we are enjoying his gift to us.”  Dr. Larry and Kathy Collard Miller

3 thoughts on “Compartmentalization: Spirituality vs. Sexuality

  1. I think a lot of this stems from a misunderstanding of flesh vs. spirit. (Mostly from Galatians 5, I think, but I bet you know such passages better than I.) We tend to think of sex as a flesh thing because it involves the physical, whereas the things of the flesh or sinful desires I see listed in scripture include sexual immorality but not sex within marriage by God’s design. Great post! Eager to see what you do with this topic!

  2. I think a lot of it comes down to shame. Satan uses shame to mask truth. If you go back to the Garden, pre-sin, naked without shame is how God intended our marriages to be. Sin came in and shame crashed in right behind it – fig leaves came out and have been with us ever since (I’m no talking about nudism here, so don’t get me wrong!). Shame causes us to cover up and compartmentalize because we can’t reconcile sex and God in the same box. But that’s not how it is supposed to be.

  3. Hello! Before I comment specifically about this article, I want to say thank you for your ministry in the area of sexuality. About 1.5 weeks ago, I found “The Generous Wife,” then “The Marriage Bed,” then “Hot, Holy and Humorous,” and yesterday, your site. I’ve been reading voraciously, and feeling more sexually at ease with every post.

    My husband and I just marked our 35th wedding anniversary, with sexual struggles almost from the beginning–some things, very definitely his doing; other things mine. I’ve stepped out in faith and with action to communicate with my husband–with words and with my body. He is enjoying now the things he tried forcing or shaming me into. Yes, we both sabotaged our marriage.

    I recognize myself in this post. My sexuality has definitely been separate from my spirituality in my thinking. A Holy Spirit healing work has begun. I believe our marriage and marriage bed can be healthy. There IS hope!

    Thanks again!

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