Stupid Stuff Syndrome

I (Megan) occasionally suffer from stupid stuff syndrome.  Not sure what I am talking about?  Let me explain. There are times when I overreact to any number of triggers or situations.  Some of these are in fact completely and ridiculously insignificant.  I expect I am not alone in my ability to overreact to stupid stuff.  Whether my overreactions are towards myself, my husband, my children or something else, I know that ultimately I am the one in control of how I react.  However, knowing that I am in control of my reactions and actually being in control of my actions are two different things.  I am working on it though and want to share two tips that are helping me (and my loved ones) out.

1. NBD – No Big Deal.  I constantly have to remind myself that most of what I get upset, angry or anxious about really is no big deal.  In fact, I use this mantra so much with myself that I had a friend make me a bracelet with the initials NBD on it as a constant reminder.  Our lives are not long on this earth and if our time is spent getting upset about the stupid stuff then we are wasting our time rather than enjoying it.

2. Let the crazy out.  For me, I have to let my crazy out a little bit at a time or it is more likely to cause an explosion.  Of course it’s easy to say “don’t sweat the small stuff” and practically it’s true, but there is small stuff that matters.  When that small stuff piles up it can cause grief and pain.  It’s important to deal with it rather than be completely passive about it. Find an activity, be it writing, exercising, art, music, etc. to engage in to release the inner emotions. And for those of us who are oral processors, it’s a good idea to give a heads up to the person we are talking to that we don’t need an answer or a way to fix it, we just need a listening ear.

In addition to those two ideas I would encourage you to take note of a few things the next time you have a stupid stuff syndrome moment.  Are you well rested? Are you hungry? Are you exercising and eating nutritionally? Are you feeling emotionally connected to those you love most? Depending on your answer to these simple questions you may be able to identify some of the reasons for your breakdown. Work on fulfilling these areas and you just may be able to circumvent some occurrences of stupid stuff syndrome.

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9 thoughts on “Stupid Stuff Syndrome

  1. This is definitely a post I can relate to and use. I’m definitely hanging on to this one for future application. Thanks!

  2. Ah yes, for a perfectionist and control freak like myself, I really need to remind myself all the time that things are “No big deal”. I should probably hang a sign somewhere in my house so that I am always reminded to chill out!

  3. So funny, Megan! I think I’m a prime candidate for the “stupid stuff syndrome.” haha! But I love your “colorful” insights here. Not only do they have catchy and funny names, they are so true and very helpful. Thanks so much for your wisdom, my friend!

  4. I understand so well! Yesterday I was so grumpy over dishes that I had left from the night before, a email that triggered unpleasant memories that my whole family was paying the price. I finally had to take a step back and realize all of it was not really any big deal! Good words!

  5. I’ve done exactly what you’ve suggested here in the past because I wanted to identify why I had “stupid stuff syndrome” (love that by the way) when it came upon me. It was always when I was rushed. I have less patience with others and myself when I’m rushed. So now I try to slow things down. Not always successful outside of the home with achieving that but I’ve gotten pretty good with it inside our home.

  6. Good word!!! I have recently begun journaling again and it’s been a great release of my ‘stupid stuff’. I also have to remember NBD a lot more, and watch out when I’m overtired. (because I can get really grumpy then! ha ha!!) Thanks for your post! 🙂

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