Marriage Challenge: Touch

Physical touch is an important factor in marriage.  The important distinction though is that not all touch needs to be explicitly sexual in nature.  The simple acts holding of hands, hugging or giving a back rub can help boost the overall health of your marriage.  Taking time to regularly connect through sex is important but so is taking time to connect through touch that is non-sexual.

A few months ago we encouraged you with The Normal Challenge, so today we want to challenge you to try The Touch Challenge.  Find a time today (or at least very soon) to touch your spouse in a way they enjoy that doesn’t necessarily imply an invitation to sex.  Scalp massage and foot rubs reign supreme in our house as a connecting touch that is non-sexual in nature.

Marriage is largely about connection and service.  Non-sexual touch is a way to serve your spouse by saying; “I know you are here.  I want you to be here.  I am glad you are around.” Physical touch is a great way to know your spouse and to be known by your spouse.  Give it a try and see what ways non-sexual touch can help your marriage.



Linking with: Women Living Well & To Love Honor and Vacuum

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